Orbital Residency is a non-profit artist-in-residence programme for young and mid-career artists that offers opportunities for accommodation and production in the rural area of Cantabria.

It continues the work started by the Orbital Projects programme which was initiated in 2014 with the goal to create a network of artists, galleries, curators, institutions, writers, editors and other cultural agents from different places. As an extension of that initiative, the residency programme intends to contribute to the creative and cultural growth of the region as well as to boost the career of artists and creators within an international circuit, establishing a dialogue between their artwork and new audiences.

The programme offers studio space, accommodation and a financial allocation for the production of artwork. It is focused on the exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas within the framework of international contemporary art departing from a specific context, providing thus a space for collaboration as well as open and inclusive education in Cantabria, offering cultural proposals that benefit the community.

The programme includes studio visits, workshops, seminars and, at the end of their residency, presentations of the invited artist’s artwork in exhibition spaces and different collaborating institutions.

Orbital Residency enters into the current work and cultural action dynamics of international residencies and platforms in order to foster a space for contemporary creation and boost the professional development of artists and creators from all over the world.

The programme grants the cultural and professional scene in the region the chance to get a close look at the work of artists from other environments and contexts.
Furthermore, a fundamental part of the project implies working as a communication channel in order to favour the promotion of Cantabrian artists and their contact with other spaces and residence programmes, offering thus a unique opportunity for learning, growth and getting visibility.