November 2018

Lena Rosa Händle’s artistic practice and research deals with queer-feminist discourses, which are often linked to socio-political movements and queer visibility. Her work, which is constituted across photographs, installations, collages and objects, portrays a vast openness in light of an intense focus on people in their social and personal realities as well as their visibilities and cultural codes. Often comprising of multi-part installations, they create a complex tableaux and visual imagination closely connected to the social reality of their subjects; they postulate society’s blueprints dealing critically with contemporary and historical societies and practices, towards a search for utopian potentials.

Lena Rosa Händle studied artistic photography at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig (Diploma, 2011; Master/Meisterschülerin, 2013) and at the Facultat de Belles Arts, Barcelona (2006-2007). Her work was shown, among others, in Vienna (Kunst Haus Wien, Künstlerhaus Wien, Xhibit, Academy of Visual Arts Vienna, Das weisse Haus, VBKÖ, Kubus EXPORT- der transparente Raum), Leipzig (Spinnerei, Halle 14, Werkschauhalle), Berlin (Schwules Museum, CO, KN), Barcelona and Istanbul. Since 2005 she teaches in self-organized as well as institutional contexts and was assistant professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (2013-17). She was part of the queer-feminist artist group Gabifront and the Off-Space T.V.O.D. in Berlin (2009-11) and has curated and co-curated exhibitions and symposia in Leipzig and Vienna (No Animals Were Harmed During this Production, 2012; Counter/Acting Self-Organised Universities, Vienna, 2014).

She authored the artist book Laughing Inverts with Kehrer Publisher Heidelberg/Berlin (2015) and was nominated for the German Photobook Award, (2016); She was Artist in Residence of the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria, (BKA) in New York City (2017). She is distinguished with several scholarships (among others of the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria (Start-Stipendium 2018), Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation, Cultural Foundation of the free State of Saxony), and Fundings (among others, Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria, Society of Friends of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna) and her work is part of the Public Art Collection, Dresden, the Public Art Collection of the City of Vienna (MA7), the Collection of the Gay Museum in Berlin and the KUNST HAUS in Vienna.

Lena Rosa Händle (Berlin, Germany, 1978) has been selected to participate in Orbital Residency programme during November 2018. This residence is result of the collaboration between studio das weisse has, Vienna, Austria and Orbital Residency. As part of this cooperation Manuel Minch (Santander, Spain,1993) has been invited to participate in studio das weisse haus residency programme from October 2 to December 16, 2018.

Studio das weisse haus is a residence and studio program for local and international artists, curators/theorists and journalists. The main purpose of the studio das weisse haus is to offer a platform where local and international artists, curators and theorists can work together, encouraging intercultural exchange and artistic discourse. The programme seeks to support artistic practice and create a space where innovative projects can prosper. The idea is to connect international artists and curators with the local art community and to involve the public in the creative process.