February / March 2018
TO A RI E. Composición audiovisual. Videostill. Johannes Schuchardt

Lucía Simón Medina’s (Santander, 1987) artistic research focuses on the intersection between language, logic, mathematics, movement and musicality. On one hand, she attemps to analyse the transcription and the deconstruction from one discipline into another, and in the other hand, to investigate the moment before thoughts begin to be conceptualised into words. Recently she has been working with the visualisation of encryption systems based on prime numbers used in the internet. Her work includes audiovisual compositions and installations based on numerical notations.

Lucía Simón Medina studied Interdisciplinary Art at Braunschweig University of Art (DE) and Facultad de Bellas Artes Cuenca (ES). Her work has been awarded with the Berlin Fellowship of Akademie der Künste 2017 (Berlin), Artist in residence Kultur Kontakt Austria 2017 (Vienna), Premio de Artes Plásticas Gobierno de Cantabria 2016 (Santander), Förderpreis des ZC Goslar St. Barbara “Frauen in künstlerischen Berufen” 2016 (Goslar), Generación 2015 (Madrid), Propuestas 2015 (Madrid) and Deutschlandstipendium 2015 (Braunschweig).

G.F.B.R.L.W.W.V.H.C.W.M.J.L.A.M.B. Composición audivisual. Videostill. Yuya Fujinami, Konstantinos Kranidiotis and Gustavo Gomes

Lucía Simón Medina has been selected to participate in the Studio das weisse haus, Vienna, Austria residency programme from February 3 to March 3, 2018. This residence is the result of a collaboration with Studio das weisse haus and the participation of Bárbara Palomino (São Paulo, Brazil, 1982) in Orbital Residency programme from February 27 to March 26, 2018.

Studio das weisse haus is a residence and studio program for local and international artists, curators/theorists and journalists. The main purpose of the studio das weisse haus is to offer a platform where local and international artists, curators and theorists can work together, encouraging intercultural exchange and artistic discourse. The programme seeks to support artistic practice and create a space where innovative projects can prosper. The idea is to connect international artists and curators with the local art community and to involve the public in the creative process.

G.F.B.R.L.W.W.V.H.C.W.M.J.L.A.M.B. Partitura / music sheet